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Year Month Event Description Reference
1542 24-Nov Battle of Solway Moss Scots, commanded by Oliver Sinclair of Pitcairns, beaten by the English and taken prisoner Dictionary of National Biography Collins Encyclopaedia of Scotland          
1542 George 4th Earl First sat as a Peer in Parliament Scots Peerage (Paul)
1542 Gold produced in Caithness At Rattar
1546 03-Jun Sir William Sinclair of Rosslyn Marie of Guise appoints him the keeper of all the sacred treasures of Scotland Andrew Sinclair
1556 17-Apr George 4th Earl Received a grant of the hereditary justiciary of Caithness with full power over life and death Dictionary of National Biography
1558         Nov Henry Sinclair Younger son of Sir Oliver Sinclair of Roslin made Bishop of Ross Historical account of the Senators of the College of Justice (Brunton)
1559 Sir William Sinclair of Rosslyn Lord Chief Justice of Scotland Rosslyn Chapel (The Earl of Rosslyn)
1560 John Knox (mother was a Sinclair) Founds Presbyterian Church in Scotland
Oliver Sinclair of Pitcairns Dies Collins Encyclopedia of Scotland
1560 George 4th Earl Oppose the ratification of the  'Confession of Faith' in Parliament Dictionary of National Biography
1565 29-Jul Dr John Sinclair, son of Sir Oliver Sinclair of Roslin Marries Mary Queen of Scots to Lord Darnley Baronage of Scotland (Douglas)
1567 12-Apr George 4th Earl Foreman of the Jury at the trial that acquitted  James, Earl of  Bothwell for the murder of Lord Darnley and who then married Mary Queen of Scots. Scots Peerage (Paul)
1567 Thomas Sinclair Keeper of the Privy Seal when Mary Queen of Scots was forced to abdicate and in turn was forced to attach the seals by the Lord Lindsay even though Mary's signature was obtained by coersion Pictorial History of Scotland by James Taylor
1568 Henry 3rd Lord Sinclair Assists Mary Queen of Scots to escape from Lochleven Castle Dictionary of National Biography
1570 John, Master of Caithness, son of George Burns the Cathedral in pursuit of the Murrays who had taken refuge in the steeple
 1570-77 John, Master of Caithness Imprisoned in Girnigoe Castle by his father Scots Peerage (Paul)
1570 William, 4th Lord Sinclair Dies, succeeded by Henry, a Scots Peerage (Paul)
supporter of the Reformation
1571 26-Feb Rosslyn Chapel Seized in the Reformation Rosslyn Chapel (The Earl of Rosslyn)
1582 09-Sep George, 4th Earl Dies in Edinburgh. Buried at Rosslyn. Succeeded by his grandson George 5th Earl Scots Peerage (Paul)
1588 Girnigoe Castle Withstands siege by the Earl of Sutherland The Clans (Logan)














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