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Year Month Event Description Reference
1589 George 4th Earl Invades and ravishes part of Sutherland The Clans (Logan)
1589 Wick Created a Royal Burgh by James IV
1592 03-Apr George 5th Earl Resigns Earldom in return for novodamus and remainder to his son William Sinclair Complete Peerage
1592 17-Aug Altars of Rosslyn Chapel ordered to be destroyed Oliver St.Clair summoned to appear before the General Assembly and threatened with excommunication Rosslyn Chapel (The Earl of Rosslyn)
1592 31-Aug Altars at Rosslyn Chapel destroyed 'The altars of Roslene were haille demolishit' (George Ramsay). Chapel ceased to be used as a house of prayer and fell into disrepair Rosslyn Chapel (The Earl of Rosslyn)
1592 11-Dec William Sinclair of Mey Knighted by King James V1 Scots Peerage (Paul)
1601 21-Oct Henry 5th Lord Sinclair Dies, succeeded by grandson Henry Scots peerage (Paul)
1602 Henry 6th Lord Sinclair Dies, succeeded by his brother James Scots Peerage (Paul)
1606 George 5th Earl of Caithness By Act of Parliament allowed to change the name of Girnigoe Castle to Sinclair Castle The Acts of Parliament of Scotland (HoL Library)
1606 William Shakespeare Writes Macbeth featuring The Earl of Caithness as one of the powerful and influential Scottish Peers. Shakespeare Compendium         (HoL Library)                
1607 James 7th Lord Sinclair Dies, succeeded by his brother Scots Peerage (Paul)
1608 Rev Timothy Pont Issues first map of Caithness
1610 Arthur Smith Alledgedly minted coins for the Earl of Caithness in Girnigoe Castle Dictionary of National Biography
1610 06-Jan William St. Clere Knighted at Whitehall Knights of England (Shaw)
1612 Battle of Kringen, Otta, Norway George Sinclair and all but 18 out of 300 or so men killed in an ambush. I50 men came from Caithness The Geneaology of the Earls of Sutherland
1614 George 5th Earl Supresses rebellion in Orkney
1615 or 17 Patrick 8th Lord Sinclair Dies succeeded by his son John Scots Peerage (Paul)
1623 08-Jul William Sinclair of Mey Receives Knighthood Baronage of Scotland (Douglas)
1626 01-Feb Ralph St. Clare Created Knight of the Bath Knights of England (Shaw)
1630   Sir William Sinclair of Rosslyn The William Schaw petition from the Master of the King's Work confirms the St. Clairs as traditional Grand Masters of the Masons of Scotland Rosslyn Chapel (The Earl of Rosslyn)
1631 02-Jun James Sinclair of Mey Created Baronet of Nova Scotia Debretts














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