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Halkirk Games 2003

The Clan Sinclair was well represented, as usual, at the 100th Halkirk Games on Saturday 26th July, 2003, mainly by the members of the Clan Society in Caithness.  Clan Gunn had an international gathering in Caithness this year. Here is a selection of photographs from the event.

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The procession led by
Lady Margaret Thurso
Chieftain of the Games
marches from Halkirk to 
the Games Field               
Lord Thurso and his son 
George.  Lord Caithness
follows, and on the right of the picture the Lord Lieutenant of Caithness, Major Graham Dunnett TD
The Procession reaches 
the field
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In the foreground, 
Mr P Murchison,
President of the Games.
Lord Berriedale can be seen behind Lord Caithness, followed by the Honourable Patrick Sinclair
The Procession halts. The Pipe Band is the Strathclyde Police Band.
DSC00069.JPG (123892 bytes) DSC00071.JPG (118492 bytes) DSC00072.JPG (120515 bytes)
Clan Gunn arrives, led by
 the Thurso Pipe Band
Clan Gunn formed behind its Banner
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The massed band marches off Our Chief prepares his banner at the Clan Sinclair Tent, assisted by Clan Sculptor, Shawn Williamson The Banner raised.  Susana Sinclair, an Italian Clan Member looks on
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A little rain at the end of the Games did not damp spirits in the Clan Sinclair Tent.









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