Chief: Rt Hon The Earl of Caithness PC

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Caithness Reel

Caithness Tune

Colonel Sinclair's  March (in the Scot's Guards Collection, Book 1)

Lady Madelina Sinclair (Strathspey)

Lord Berriedale's Salute (Pibroch) by Kenneth MacRae

Prince Henry Sinclair in the New World by Rory Sinclair

Robert Sinclair's wife's Lament (The Royal Bicker)

Roselma Sinclair's Hornpipe

Rosslyn Chapel - Restoration, Renewal and Resurrection by Rory Sinclair

Sinclair Castle (Strathspey) by PM Wm Sinclair

Sinclairs of Ulbster Strathspey

Sir John Sinclair's Farewell to Caithness

The Caithness Agricultural Society

The Caithness Gathering

The Caithness Lads

The Caithness Reel

The Caithness Volunteer's March

The Caithness Wedding Reel

The Whaligoe Steps

The Earl of Caithness's March by Rory Sinclair

The Journey of the Heart of Bruce and the Death of 
Sir William St Clair by Rory Sinclair

The Roslin Picnic

The Sinclairs' March (The Red Ribbon)

The Vision of Earl William Sinclair by Rory Sinclair

The Wick Girls Pipe Band

Tribute to Lady Thurso

Viscount Thurso of Ulbster

William 'The Seemly' St. Clair's March to the Barony of Rosslyn by Rory Sinclair




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