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Year Month Event Description Reference
1420 01-Feb Henry 2nd Earl of Orkney dies. William 3rd Earl of Orkney succeeds Scots Peerage (Paul)
1421 William  3rd Earl of Orkney Hostage for James 1 when he returned to Scotland Complete Peerage
1428 Alan Stewart Earl of Caithness on resignation of title by his father  Complete Peerage
1431 Alan Earl of Caithness Slain at Inverlochy by Donald Balloch. Succeeded by his father Walter Complete Peerage
1436 William 3rd Earl of Orkney Conveyed Princess Margaret of Scotland to France on her  marriage to the Dauphin when also Admiral of Scotland Complete Peerage
1437 Walter Earl of Caithness forfeits title Complete Peerage
1441 William 3rd Earl of Orkney Created Grand Master Mason of Scotland by King James II. Title is hereditary Rosslyn Chapel (The Earl of Rosslyn)
1446 24-Jun William 3rd Earl of Orkney Summoned to Bergen by Christopher King of Norway to swear allegiance for the Orkneys National Dictionary of Biography
1446 Start of building of Rosslyn Chapel (Collegiate Chapel of St Matthew)  for a provost, six prebends and two singing boys by William Sinclair, Prince of Orkney Scots Peerage (Paul)
1448 William 3rd Earl of Orkney Joins Earls of Douglas, Ormonde and others in repelling English invasion National Dictionary of Biography
1449 William 3rd Earl of Orkney Senior of four candidates for the
vacant Norwegian crown. Blocked
by Hansa League as they wanted
someone more amenable
1449 William also created Lord Sinclair Sits in Parliament as Lord Scots Peerage (Paul)
1450 21-Sep Rosslyn Chapel Dedicated as Collegiate Chapel Judy Fisken (ex curator)
of St. Matthew
1452 George Crichton Created Earl of Caithness Complete Peerage
1454 Aug George, Earl of Caithness Dies Complete Peerage
  1454 William 3rd Earl of Orkney High Chancellor of Scotland Dictionary of National Biography
1455 28-Aug William 3rd Earl of Orkney also created Earl of Caithness Under Scottish law in compensation for foregoing right of Lordship of Nithsdale Scots Peerage (Paul)
1470 16-Sep William forced to resign Earldom of Orkney Orkney transferred to Scottish crown as part of the dowry on marriage of James III to Margaret of Denmark. Receives Castle of Ravenscraig and lands in Fife as compensation Scots Peerage (Paul)
    1471-73 William 1st Earl Ambassador to England Complete Peerage
1476 07-Dec William 1st Earl Surrenders his Caithness title. Succeeded by his son William 2nd Earl. Another son Sir Oliver is left the Roslin Estates. William, son  by the first marriage eceives nothing. Scots Peerage (Paul)













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