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Year Month Event Description Reference
1733 03-Nov John Sinclair of Murkle Younger son of John 8th Earl created Lord Murkle Scots Peerage (Paul)
1736 Rosslyn Chapel Sir James Sinclair glazed the windows for the first time, relaid the floor with flagstones and repaired the roof Rosslyn Chapel (The Earl of Rosslyn)
1736 Sir James Sinclair of Rosslyn Resigned his office as hereditary Grand Master Mason of Scotland to the Scottish Lodges on their foundation. Reappointed for his life. Rosslyn Chapel (The Earl of Rosslyn)
1739 17-Jun Major Malcolm Sinclair  'A good and faithfull servant of Sweden…Charged with affairs of State, he was assassinated at Grunberg in Siesia by agents of Czarina Anna of Russia' Inscription on grave. Niven Sinclair
1745 04-Jun Sir James Sinclair of Rosslyn A Lieutenant general with the Royal Scots appointed Commander of the British Forces in Flanders Dictionary of National Biography
1746 Lord Macleod Enters Caithness with a body of Prince Charlie's men The County of Caithness
1746 16-Apr Battle of Culloden Prince Charles Edward defeated. Sir James Sinclair of Rosslyn commanded the Royal Scots on the Hanoverian side.   About 500 Caithness Sinclairs were about to join  the Jacobite cause, but the Earl supported the Hanoverians
1747 Heritable Jurisdiction Act Highland landowners must accept English Juisdiction or forfeit their lands
1747 Act of Proscription Banned the wearing of tartan, the teaching of Gaelic, the playing of bagpipes and the gatherings of Highlanders.
1750 Sir William Sinclair of Dunbeath Founded Baptist Church at Keiss History of Baptists in Scotland (Yuille)
1759 Lt. A. Sinclair Carried the Colours for General Wolfe at the Battle of the Heights of Abraham. Became a Major General.
1761 10-Mar Sir James Sinclair M.P. who should have been 11th Lord Sinclair gazettted a General Scots Peerage (Paul)
1765 09-Dec Alexander 9th Earl dies Disputed succession Scots Peerage (Paul)
1772 07-May William Sinclair created 10th Earl A cousin of 9th Earl Scots Peerage (Paul)
1777 29-Dec Battle of Charlestown, Virginia, USA John Sinclair, son and heir of William, a Major in 76th Foot wounded in the groin by a musket ball when reconnoitring with Sir Henry Clinton Complete Peerage
1779 29-Nov William 10th Earl dies Succeeded by his son John 11th Earl. Complete Peerage
1782 25-Apr Charles St.Clair Establishes claim to be 14th Lord Sinclair (no 11th,12th or 13th ) Scots Peerage (Paul)
1782 John Sinclair of Ulbster MP Receives £15,000 towards the relief of a serious famine in the north of Scotland Dictionary of National Biography
1786 14-Feb John Sinclair of Ulbster Created Baron of GB Debretts


  General Arthur St Clair Elected 9th President of the US an Congress. Served until Oct 29t www.
1788 26-Jan Duncan Sinclair Master of The Alexander, part of the first fleet bringing convicts and settlers reaches Sydney Cove
1789 08-Apr John 11th Earl dies Title again in dispute Scots Peerage (Paul)













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