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Year Month Event Description Reference
1829 James 2nd Earl of Rosslyn Created a Privy Councillor Debretts
1831 Dougald Sinclair A Baptist minister from Mid-Argyll who laid foundation of the church in Colonsay emigrates to Canada at earlier emigrants wishes and churches around Lobo became known as 'Sinclair Baptist' Evangelical Missionaries in the early Nineteenth-Century Highlands (Meek)
1833 Lt. Col Thomas Staunton Sinclair Created a Knight of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order Knights of England (Shaw)
1834 George Sinclair Involved in the planning and laying out of Prince's Street Gardens in Edinburgh Bodleian Library, Oxford
    1834-35 James 2nd Earl of Rosslyn Lord President of the Council Complete Peerage
1837 18-Jan James 2nd Earl of Rosslyn Dies succeeded by son James Complete Peerage
1844 06-Jan Andrew Sinclair Colonial Secretary in New Zealand Dictionary of National Biography
1855 24-Dec Alexander 13th Earl dies Succeeded by his son James 14th Earl, a Fellow of the Royal Society and an inventor of a steam carriage on macadam roads, a gravitating compass and a tape loom   for weavers. Complete Peerage               Dictionary of National Biography
    1856-81 James 14 th Earl of Caithness Lord Lieutenant of Caithness and Vice Admiral of Caithness Complete Peerage
1856-58 & 1859-86 James 14th Earl of Caithness A Lord in Waiting to the Queen Complete Peerage
1857 James Sinclair Having been instrumental in the layout of the Imperial Gardens at St. Petersburg he was commissioned to plan the refurbishment of 64 acres of rubbish tips and swamp into what is now known as Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne Australian Biographies
    1858-68 James 14th Earl of Caithness Representative Peer of Scotland Complete Peerage
1859       Mar James 3rd Earl of Rosslyn Under Secretary of State for War Complete Peerage
1861 Rosslyn Chapel Restored by James, 3rd Earl of Rosslyn. Sunday services begin again.
 1861 - 62 Charles,( to be 16th Lord Sinclair) Assistant Military Secretary in New Zealand Wars Scots Peerage (Paul)
1861 Catherine Sinclair Reknowned novelist, dies Dictionary of National Biography
1862 22-Apr Rosslyn Chapel Rededicated by Bishop of Edinburgh
1862 Wick Largest herring port in the world with 1122 boats
1862 13-Dec Battle of Fredricksburg, USA Colonel William H Sinclair of Sixth Regiment (Federal) serves with distinction and is wounded Journal of the American Civil War.
1863 30-Sep Charles 14th Lord Sinclair Dies. Succeeded by his son James Scots Peerage (Paul)
1866 01-May James, 14th Earl created Baron Barrogill Scots Peerage (Paul)
1866 James 3rd Earl of Rosslyn Promoted to General Debretts
1866 16-Jun James 3rd Earl of Rosslyn Dies succeeded by son Francis Complete Peerage
 1868 - 80 James, 15th Lord Sinclair Representative Peer Scots Peerage (Paul)
1870 Francis 4th Earl of Rosslyn Installed 70th Grand Master Mason of Scotland and served for 3 years until 1873 Rosslyn Chapel (The Earl of Rosslyn)














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