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Year Month Event Description Reference
  Olaf 'Tree Hewer' King of Vermaland, Norway His son succeeds
        c.710 Olaf Sacrificed to Woden by his own people during famine
700's? Halfdan 'White Leg', King of Upplanders in Norway His son succeeds. Conquers Raumarike
700's? Halfdan succeeded by his son Eynstein 'The Fart' and then by his son Halfdan 'The Stingy' (generous with his gold but mean with his rations) who was King in Vestfold
742-812 Charlemagne King of the Franks and then Emperor of the Romans. It was from him that Margaret Atheling received the Holy Rood - the  'True Cross' Laurel Fechner                       Houses of Parliament Mosaic, London
790 Halfdan's second son Ivarr became Jarl of the Upplanders
795 Vikings first appeared Western Seas The Orkneyinga Saga
800 Vikings invade Channel coast
830 Eynstein 'The Orator' Son of Ivarr becomes Jarl of the Upplanders
832 Battle of Athelstaneford, East Lothian Angus mac Fergus, King of the Picts, defeats the army of Athelstane, King of Northumbria and the Saltire, the future flag of Scotland, is seen in the clouds.
843 Union of Picts and Scots Under Kenneth Macalpine The Orkneyinga Saga
845 Clair of Rye, England Born. Later martyred in France Laurel Fechner
863 Vikings settle in Caithness Rognvald (Ranald) 'The Wise' Succeeds his father Eynstein and later becomes Jarl of Moeri and 1st Earl of Orkney
        870 Battle of Hafursfiourd Harald Harfagri (Fairhair) becomes sole King of Norway St Clairs of the Isles (Sinclair)
871-2 Harald Harfagri Becomes sole King of Norway, Makes an expedition against the western Vikings, who have established their station in Orkney, drives them from their haunts and subdues Shetland, Orkney, the Hebrides and Man The Orkneyinga Saga
875? Rognvald, Earl of Moeri Given Orkney and Shetland as an Earldom by King Harold of Norway
875 Dungaldus, (Duncan) Earl of Caithness Scots Peerage (Paul)
875 Sigurd the Sea-King, brother of Rognvald, now 2nd Earl of Orkney Invades northern mainland of Scotland and seizes control of Caithness and Sutherland called Cat or Cait then Cataness till end of Norse rule in C13 The County of Caithness
882 Sigurd dies Poisoned by the tooth of Earl Melbrigd whom he had slain. Succeeded by his son Guttorm 3rd Earl of Orkney. Buried at Cyderhall (Sigurd's 'howe') near Dornoch St Clairs of the Isles (Sinclair)   Oxford Companion to Scottish History
883 Guttorm 3rd Earl dies Hallad, son of Rognvald, becomes 4th Earl of Orkney St Clairs of the Isles (Sinclair)













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