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Year Month Event Description Reference
1918 William Sinclair Lieutenant in Australian Army awarded the Military Cross for outstanding bravery in France Australian Biographies
1909 15-Feb John Sinclair of Lyth Created 1st Baron Pentland
1916 01-May Harry Ford Sinclair Founds Sinclair Oil and Refining Corporation American National Biography
1917 Ewen George Sinclair-Maclagan Appointed Major general in Australian Army Australian Biographies
    1918-29 Norman 18th Earl Representative Peer of Scotland Debretts
1925 23-Mar John 1st Baron Pentland Dies, Succeeded by son Henry Debretts
    1931-32 Sir Archibald Sinclair of Ulbster (4th) Secretary of State for Scotland Debretts
    1935-45 Sir Archibald Sinclair of Ulbster Leader of the Liberal Party Debretts
1939 10-Aug James 5th Earl of Rosslyn Dies succeeded by grandson Anthony Debretts
    1940-45 Sir Archibald Secretary of State for Air in Churchill Government in World War II Debretts
1947 25-Mar Norman 18th Earl dies Succeeded by his nephew Roderick 19th Earl Debretts
1948 28-Feb Aubrey St Clair-Ford Inherits Baronetcy of GB created  on 22 February 1793 Debretts
    1950-58 Roderick 19th Earl of Caithness Representative Peer of Scotland Debretts
1952 10-Apr Sir Archibald Created Viscount Thurso Debretts
1953 Colin Archibald Sinclair Ex Government Minister and Grazier in Australia is Knighted Australian Biographies
    1955-65 Roderick 19th Earl HM The Queen's Resident Factor Balmoral Estates Debretts
1956 10-Nov Harry Ford Sinclair Dies American National Biography
1957 Murray 17th Lord Sinclair Succeeds his father Debretts
1957 22-Jan Robert John Sinclair Created 1st Baron Sinclair of Cleeve Debretts
    1958-65 Roderick 19th Earl Having been a Brigadier in the Gordon Highlanders was made Brigade Colonel of the Regiment Debretts













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