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Year Month Event Description Reference
1040's Thorfinn II  18th Earl Defeats Moddan twice and then the King of Scotland. Subdues Sutherland and Ross. He is credited with the real estblishment of Christianity in the Earldom. He established a bishop at Birsay in a 'fine minster' St Clairs of the Isles (Sinclair)    Oxford Companion to Scottish History
1042 Edward the Confessor, son of Emma. Crowned King of England Laurel Fechner
1047 Battle of Val-es-Dunes Battle to decide Dukedom of Normandy. Hamo and Walderne St. Clair killed. William illegitimate son of Robert 6th Duke confirmed 7th Duke History of the Sinclair Family in Europe and America (Morrison)
1050 Thorfinn II 18th Earl Pilgrmage to Rome and meets the Pope Last of the Free (James Hunter)
1052 06-Mar Emma Dies Laurel Fechner
1057 William 'The Seemly' Sinclair Returns from Hungary with Atheling Edward 'The Exile' and his daughter Margaret who twelve years later married Malcolm Canmore King of Scotland. She had a piece of the True Cross 'Holy Rood'. In the Houses of Parliament it says 'given to her ancestor by Charlemagne' but this is probably symbolic. Niven Sinclair                           Laurel Fechner                    Historical Notes on the Mosaics in the Palace of Westminster   (Thomas Wilson)
1064 Thorfinn 'The Great' 18 th Earl of Orkney dies Succeeded by his sons Paul and Erlend. His widow, Ingibiorg marries Malcolm Canmore and their son is King Duncan I St Clairs of the Isles (Sinclair)
1065 Hubert Uncle to William the Conqueror sent by him on a secret mission to England to secure the throne when Edward dies History of the Sinclair Family in Europe and America (Morrison)
1066 25-Sep Battle of Stamford Bridge, near York King Harald Sigurdson (Hardradi) fell.  His son Olaf and Earls Paul and Erlend, (20th and 21st of Orkney) who were also in the battle receive peace and are free to return north
1066 Oct-14 Battle of Hastings William Sinclair 7th Duke of Normandy aided by at least one, maybe nine Sinclair "generals" defeats Harald and becomes King of England and The Conqueror Sinclairs of England                                    Battle Abbey Rolls
1069 Margaret marries Malcolm Canmore, King of Scots
1076 Eudo St. Clair Starts building Colchester Castle, the largest ever constructed by the Normans Colchester Castle Guide
1080? Hako, son of Paul, and Magnus, son of Erlend Joint Jarls of Orkney and Earls of Caithness Complete Peerage
1087     Sep 9 William the Conqueror, King of England Dies in Rouen, Normandy. Succeeded by his son William II
1093         Nov Battle of Alnwick King Malcolm of Scotland beseiges William II King of England who surrenders but Malcolm is killed
1093     Nov 16 Queen Margaret dies Later canonised as 'an out-standing example of a true mother and a queen'. Her feast day is 16 November
1095 Eudo St. Clair Founds the Benedictine Abbey of St. John in Colchester Colchester Castle Guide
 1096-99 First Crusade Henry "the Holy" Sinclair, son of William "The Seemly Sinclair" takes part. Jerusalem captured. Laurel Fechner
1098 Magnus King of Norway Seizes Earls of Orkney, Paul and Erlend and banishes them to Norway. Places his own son Sigurd as Jarl The Orkneyinga Saga
1099 Sigurd Magnusson Crowned King of Orkney and the Isles by his father. The Lord Lyon













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