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Year Month Event Description Reference
1160 Sweyn Famous Caithness and Orkney raider killed in an ambush in Dublin
1162 First scroll written in Caithness
1162 Henry de St.Clair Receives charter of lands of Herdmanston in Haddingtonshire Scots Peerage (Paul)
1163? Hugh de St. Clair Excommunicated by Thomas a Beckett for having 'taken possession of the goods and properties of the same church of Canterbury without permission' Niven Sinclair
1170? Harald Jarl of Orkney and Earl of Caithness Complete Peerage
1176 Harald III the Younger 29th Earl Earl of Orkney and Caithness St Clairs of the Isles (Sinclair)
1189-1192 Third Crusade Fails to retake Jerusalem but agreement gained for free visitation of Holy places.
1192 Rognvald 27th Earl Canonised The Orkneyinga Saga
1195 Harold the Elder 28th Earl Forfeits Shetland to the Crown of Norway and it does not form part of the domain of the Earls until 1397 The Orkneyinga Saga
1196 Battle of Clairdon Harald the Younger, grandson of Earl Ronald, slain by Harold the Elder and lies buried in 'Harold's Tower' near Thurso Castle
1196 Harald the Elder, Earl of Caithness and Orkney Rebels against King William the Lion Peerage of Scotland (Douglas)
1201 Harald 28th Earl Storms castle of John, Bishop of Caithness whose tongue is cut out as 'he was an informer'
1201 King William the Lion Marches to Caithness in revenge for John's death. Harald buys peace for 2000 merks of silver and looses Sutherland Complete Peerage                     Scots Peerage (Paul)
1202-04 Fourth Crusade Constantinople taken and held for fifty years
1206 Harald the Elder 28th Earl Dies, succeeded by his son David Complete Peerage
1206 David 30th Earl and John 31st Earl Sons of Harold II joint Earls St Clairs of the Isles (Sinclair)
1206 Thorfinn Eldest son of Harald 28th earl dies in Roxburgh Castle where he was confined as a hostage and after mutilation by King William the Lion of Scotland The Orkneyinga Saga
1214 Gilbert Murray, distinguished ecclesiastic Appointed Bishop of Caithness
1214 David, (30th Earl) Jarl of Orkney and Earl of Caithness Dies, succeeded by brother John Complete Peerage
1222 John, Jarl of Orkney and Earl of Caithness Does not stop the burning of Adam, Bishop of Caithness to death in Halkirk for raising tithes. Gilbert succeeds to Bishopric and moves residence from Halkirk to Dornoch Peerage of Scotland (Douglas)     Last of the Free (James Hunter)
1222 Alexander, King of Scotland Came to Caithness and mercilessly avenged the Bishop's murder Peerage of Scotland (Douglas)














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