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Year Month Event Description Reference
1299 07-Feb Henry Sinclair Exchanged prisoner for Sir William Fitz-Warin Scots Peerage (Paul)
1303 24-Feb Battle of Roslin Scots including Henry Sinclair of Rosslyn, Wallace and Comyn defeat English
1307 10-May Battle of Loudon Hill Robert the Bruce assisted by Henry Sinclair of Rosslyn defeat the English Laurel Fechner
1307 13-Oct Knights Templars attacked by Philip the Fair of France on charges of heresy. Fleet escapes from La Rochelle to Scotland and Portugal. Treasure and archives taken to Temple near Rosslyn Andrew Sinclair
1310 John II 37th Earl Dies succeeded by son Magnus V St Clairs of the Isles (Sinclair)
1312 28-Oct Magnus, Earl of Caithness and Orkney Witnesses treaty between Robert the Bruce and King Hakon of Norway Scots Peerage (Paul)
1312 William Sinclair, brother of Sir Henry of Roslin Made Bishop of Dunkeld Scots Peerage (Paul)
1314 23-Jun Bannockburn Bruce defeats Edward I of England. Henry Sinclair and his brother, William, the Bishop of Dunkeld there as was Sir William St.Clair of Herdmanston to whom King Robert gave his sword after the battle with the inscription 'Le Roi me donne St Cler me porte' Scots Peerage (Paul)
24-Jun Bannockburn Henry with Bruce when he declares Scotland independent
1317 Battle of Donibristle, Fife William, Bishop of Dunkeld, rallies Scots army to defeat English invading force Scots Peerage (Paul)
1319       Sep Magnus, Earl of Caithness and Orkney Receives letter from the Pope urging 'unity and peace'
1320 04-Apr Declaration of Arbroath 'the Scots Declaration of Independence' The reply to the Pope's letter Signed by Sir Henry Sinclair of Rosslyn and Earl Magnus Scots Peerage (Paul)
c1320 The St. Clairs of Rosslyn King Robert the Bruce appoints the family, through the Royal Order, the hereditary Grand Masters of the crafts and guilds of Scotland. Andrew Sinclair
1321 Henry St. Clair Ballivus in Caithness for King Robert the Bruce
1321 Magnus V 38th Earl Dies succeeded by heir in law Malise St Clairs of the Isles (Sinclair)
1329 Peace of Northampton Scottish Independence recognised
1330 25-Aug Battle of Teba, Andalusia, Spain Sir William Sinclair, heir to Henry, and his brother John both die attempting to carry Bruce's heart to the Holy Land. Buried in Rosslyn Chapel Scots Peerage (Paul)             Rosslyn Chapel (The Earl of Rosslyn)
1331 Malise, Earl of Strathearn Through his descent from Matilda, daughter of Gilbert Jarl of Orkney and Earl of Caithness in 1244, assumes both titles Scots Peerage (Paul)          Complete Peerage
1332 24-Sep William Sinclair, Bishop of Dunkeld Officiates at Coronation of Edward Balliol Scots Peerage (Paul)
1333 Malise Killed at Halidon Hill St Clairs of the Isles (Sinclair)
1346 12-Jul Edward III of England invades Normandy Six English Sinclair generals with him. Laurel Fechner
1346 08-Dec Sir John Sinclair of Herdmanston Taken prisoner after the Battle of Neville Cross Scots Peerage (Paul)













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