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Grandfather Mountain Games North Carolina 8-11th July 2004
Clan Sinclair was the Honoured Clan at the Grandfather Mountain Games this year, and our Chief attended the games.  For further coverage please see North-South Carolina Commissioner, Mel Sinclair's website


International Clan Gathering in Scotland
22nd July-1st August 2005

Association Members should now have received via their newsletters and magazines the outline plans for the 2005 Clan Gathering in Orkney and Caithness. 
Clan Members in Australia, Canada and USA  should register with their Association Secretaries, and Members in the UK and other countries should register with the Chief. Numbers are limited by area and so it will be on a first come first served basis when deposits are due in September. Everyone is responsible for their own accommodation, and hotel details are listed in Clan Magazines.

Halkirk Games 2003
Clan Sinclair was well represented, as usual, at the 100th Halkirk Games on Saturday 26th July, 2003, mainly by the members of the Clan Society in Caithness.  Clan Gunn had an international gathering in Caithness this year.

New Patron
images/HRHatMey.jpg (33589 bytes)The Clan Sinclair Trust is honoured that
 HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay has accepted the invitation to become Patron in succession to his Grandmother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

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History rewritten
The draft of the Conservation Plan prepared by Field Archaeology
CastlesfromSea.jpg (47790 bytes)Specialists of York University has been received by the Trust. The Earl of Caithness said “The drafting of such a Plan for the Castle is not only a major step forward in securing the long-term future of this very important site but also has revealed just how much of the history of the Castle that we have accepted is inaccurate and has had to be rewritten. We now have evidence of a castle about a hundred years earlier than was thought and it as a much more important site than originally thought. The myth that there were two Castles on the site has been laid to rest. It was always one Castle”. The main revelations are More...

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